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Dutch Delft Tiles, tile murals, hand-decorated wall tiles - antique, custom and bespoke wall and floor tiles.

Our company is a supplier of traditional hand crafted Dutch Delft Tiles. We are a dynamic company with a zeal for traditional materials that attract attention because of their unique characteristics and appeal. This allows us to meet the increasing demand for distinctive materials that can be processed in a modern or traditional way. Our goal is to offer a balanced product range that is compatible as for atmosphere and style and meets the highest quality standards.

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Developing building ceramics, custom / bespoke tiles

Ceramic know-how and craftsmanship are foundations on which Delft tiles stands.

In restoration and modern architecture, color, luster and depth play an important part in cladding walls, both inside and outside.

Glazed bricks, tiles and special shaped pieces are most suitable for this purpose because they are highly durable, frost-proof and unaffected by UV-rays.

Delft tiles offers custom / bespoke tile solutions.

History - Dutch Delft Tiles

Dutch Delft tiles are replicas of Dutch wall tiles, which have been produced since the 16th century. At that time the tile culture flourished in the Netherlands and the Dutch Delft Tiles were being used for interior design on a large scale. Special features of the Dutch Delft tiles are the subtle color nuances that can be seen after a single baking. We can offer tiles with almost pure white color and tiles with a touch of pink, blue, green or grey. This will produce a lively effect on a larger surface. In addition the old tiles had crackled glaze finish and had small indentations in them. Lots of decorated tiles haven been produced, most common well known tiles produced in the 16th, 17th and 18th century are landscape, floral, animal, biblical tiles and panels/ murals.

Custom tiles - restoration.

We are regularly involved in architectural projects and develop together with our customer’s glazed tiles, bricks and wall cladding for interior and exterior. We have many years of unique expertise in this area. We are not only a supplier but can have an advisory role as well. For the restoration of historic buildings, we are able to deliver tiles in color/glaze/size/shape to match the original. In addition we have a team of highly skilled master decorators. Quality tiles and murals can be created to complement and recreate the excising old wall tiles. As well floor tiles can be recreated, especially terra cotta (fired earth) floor tiles.

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