Case Study: PermaCityLife Site

We worked closely with PermaCityLife to give them a new, modern updated site.

Case Study: Odd Fellows Media Site

After the inception of OFM, we immediately began creating the website. Simultaneously, we worked on branding our group, as an iterative process.

What we do

We offer a wide array of services and employ a number of techniques to assure that we can offer the complete design experience.

Bespoke Websites

We take your business needs, attitude, style, and preferences into consideration throughout the entire creation process.

Professional Photography

Rather than relying upon low-quality stock-photos, we can capture the essence of you, your company, and the message you want to convey.

Creative Graphic Design

From updating your logo to realign with the spirit of your company, to designing printed media.

Small, Dedicated Team

Our lean group structure means that we dedicate ourselves only to a few projects at a time, assuring quality results.

Agile Principles

Our short-cycle development process is predicated upon communication, clarity, and efficiency.

Modern Coding Principles

Implementing the standards for new web development, we can build future-proof, maintainable projects.

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